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Wedding consulting services are available to help you get started on your initial wedding plans. Many clients seek out a wedding consultant to help them better understand how to approach wedding planning, how to maximize their budget, and where to look for the best deals, or how to coordinate with vendors. Our wedding consulting services are provided by our certified wedding consultants, who have been working in the industry for years to deliver you the highest standard of results and make your big day as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Wedding Themes

When planning your wedding, you may want to consider a theme to tie everything together, as this will make it simpler to plan and choose colors, dresses, décor, and much more. Many people end up choosing their wedding themes around their venue or a color scheme, such as a winter wonderland theme, or a rustic chic theme. It’s also not necessary to choose a theme, but we find that clients have an easier time moving forward and envisioning how the wedding will look when they have a theme in mind. If you aren’t sure of a theme or don’t have one in mind, our team can assist with some inspiration for you.


Budget Planning

Planning out your budget is one of the most crucial parts of any wedding planning. Every couple has a different budget and determining your budget will help us further understand how to spend and allocate the money for your big day. Some couples may choose to spend more money on the venue and food, while others are looking for getaway weekends with expenses taken care of for their guests. Planning your budget can be broken down into the important categories for your big day, including venue, food and drink, attire, décor, and photography. We also recommend setting up a wedding website for better organization and information for your guests, and we can help you create one!



If you’ve never planned a wedding before and don’t know where to start, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed when choosing vendors to supply services for your big day. Vendors are those that provide separate services that bring your wedding festivities together as one, such as your florist, photographer, venue, makeup artist, decorator, caterer, and much more. Our consulting services can help you manage your vendors and choose the best ones that fit your budget and the style you’re looking for on your big day. We can also show you what to look out for with each vendor, such as pricing and services provided.



Attempting to manage several vendors and important dates at once can be overwhelming. Our consulting services are designed to help you take control of your wedding planning and organize it in a way that’s easy to understand and oversee. We help you make important decisions, provide as much information as possible, answer all of your lingering questions, and ensure that you’re planning the dream wedding that you’ve always wanted and without the added stress that comes with the rest of the logistics. In short, we make wedding planning a piece of (wedding) cake!

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