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Month of Coordination

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Month of coordination services are delivered to those that want some professional wedding planning assistance during the month leading up to the big day. Not all couples require complete wedding planning services, but simply want someone to oversee the final details to ensure that nothing has been missed before the big day arrives. Our team offers month of coordination services for these exact purposes.


Last Minute Planning

Last minute planning solutions are available to go over the final details of your big day and ensure that nothing important has been missed or overlooked. The last month leading up to your wedding is often when you'll want to finalize the guest list, confirm arrangements with your vendors, and pay the remaining balances that are owed on your wedding. You'll also want to have the final touches confirmed with your tailor, so that you can have your wedding attire in hand and dry-cleaned if needed. You may also need to send a final song list to your band or performers, as well as run a trial with your wedding makeup artist and hairstylist, if you plan on having one.



If you haven’t already booked an officiant for your wedding, or you have one pending that you need to confirm details with, this would be the time to do it. Officiants can either be members of the church, if you’re having a religious wedding, or someone else that you’ve designated to officiate your wedding. If you have special readings, poems, songs, and verses that you would like said during your ceremony, this is also the time to finalize those arrangements so that the officiant can work them into the rest of the ceremony.


Weather Changes

Something that many couples forget to do when it comes to wedding planning, is to have a backup plan in case of poor weather. If the wedding is booked to take place outside and the weather doesn’t permit, you’ll want to have a backup plan in place for quick and immediate changes. This can include anything from bringing the guests indoors to the venue, setting up tents and gazebos, as well as providing umbrellas and shelter for guests until the ceremony can resume. We’ll help you sort out a plan B in case the weather changes (although we hope it doesn’t)!


Final Guest Numbers

As mentioned previously, the month before your wedding is also the ideal time to completely finalize your guest list and deliver it to your caterer and venue. This allows your vendors to prepare for the number of people that have confirmed attendance, and so you have a better grasp on how many party favors and tables to arrange places for. Your guests should have already sent back RSVPs prior to the month of your wedding, but we know that some plan last minute weddings or have quick engagements, so this is not always the case. Either way, we’re here to help ease the stress and get your final guest numbers in order to properly accommodate all of your guests.

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