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Wedding Design

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Planning your wedding from scratch can be a daunting and challenging task if you aren’t sure how to organize your festivities and the details to follow. There are a lot of details to consider, such as your venue, your vendors, and your budget. We help you work out all of the details from the beginning and any other minor ones that you might forget or not be aware of along the way. Our team has years of experience in planning and executing successful and beautiful weddings for every budget and style, and yours will be no different!



When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s all about customization. We are able to help you customize virtually everything about your big day, including your food, your décor, your theme, and so much more! If you need assistance in customizing your wedding or finding the right features that bring more customization to your wedding, such as photo booths, unique food and drink, as well as party favors, we've got you covered! We can also help you find the right wedding vendors, the best wedding dress designer, wedding DJs, and much more!



Choosing the location for your wedding can often be one of the biggest hurdles when getting started. It'll help to understand what your budget, theme, and the anticipated guest list looks like so that we can help you plan around a location that's fitted to all of the above. In the Raleigh area alone, there are a number of beautiful churches, gardens, parks, historic mansions, and buildings, as well as ballrooms and hotels. We will help you choose one that suits the aesthetic and style you’re looking to achieve with your wedding.


Guest List

Solidifying your guest list can take some extra planning and thinking and you may not have a final number until much closer to the actual wedding date, but it’s good to write out a tentative list of those that you want to invite so that you can get a rough number from the start. This will help you determine how to choose your location, as some venues have capacity limits and can only host a certain number of people. During one of our initial meetings, we’ll go over creating a tentative guest list with you so that we can get a number range of potential guests that’ll help us better plan your big day.



Another big element of your wedding is to sort out the catering, as your guests will want to eat! Many venues will offer in-house catering that you can purchase as part of your overall wedding package. If you aren't keen on in-house catering or if it isn't offered, you'll have to enlist the services of an outside catering company. Most catering companies will offer menu tastings so that you can try some of their dishes and narrow down the ones you'd like to serve on your big day. You'll also need to consider if you'd like to serve alcohol and how, as this is often an even bigger expense in conjunction with the catering service.

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